Friday, January 4, 2019

Coming of Age in the Age of Addiction

Humans and the Extinction Crisis:

It is safe to say that as consumers we will never get enough of what we don't need. In today's market-driven economy the more addictive the product, the better. The repeat customer is the objective for all successful entrepreneurs and their investors and in the inertia of buying low/selling high our consumer culture has evolved into a form of junky-madness where we are more than willing to transform everything the natural world has to offer into goods and services as long as doing so drives the global economy. It's kind of scary.

Fashback to Puerto Vallarta - to one of the best sales pitches I've ever heard:
"You need more junk for your house lady? Cheaper than Walmart!"

Finally, someone had discovered the great truth and was more than willing to shout it out and in his attempt to stand out from the rest of the vendors vying for our money he went straight to the heart of what was really driving our modern-day economy: essentially, we're all  middlemen willingly peddling junk. I hope I don't sound too negative here, but, at the end the day, when all these things once desired fall from our grace(s) they all transcend into that junk state destined for a landfill somewhere out of sight; out of mind. Or, so it seems.

Honestly, I'm kind of bored with our consumer-driven reality, I mean trinkets are fun, however,  in life I am more than just a consumer - I am a free thinking, intelligent being. Sometimes, however, one lose's perspective when addictive behavior takes over. Endorphin rushes are real and most of the time when we're feeling estranged we'll do anything for the next-big-fix just to feel better, more alive, and yes, while creatively speaking anything is possible - the struggle is real!

Speaking for myself, once a young mother,  I have lost a lot of love to addictive behavior and my heart hurts, and sometimes it hurts way too much. There is in fact an entire generation coming of age right now dealing with the sum wreckage of all our addictive behavior patterns combined and our world is in crisis - We are creatures of habit just as we are creatures of habitat:

This is the conversation we should all be having "What are you willing to sacrifice?"

I need to step back from the game from time-to-time to remind myself and to reflect upon how human behavior affects our world, and yes - I know. I know! - this image is disturbing: I don't like the thought of human behavior affecting our world like cancer, however, there is one aspect to this comparison that I find most promising:

"we have a choice whether we are malignant or benign." 
We have a choice! 
AND, most importantly, as intelligent beings, we learn from our mistakes: 
Remission is a state of mind.

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