Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Circular Cities 2030

- Healing Earth by Design -

Ideas to build on:

I like to imagine the game "Circular Cities 2030" as a World’s Fair event happening simultaneously in every city around the world. Our inspiration, our primary objective, is the adaptation of our build environment to better suit our living world.

I like to think of it as a new POP culture:  www.parksoverports.com       

  Transforming Trades Routes into Tourist Traps                               

Shipping containers are cool!
They make great Grow-Ops,
 and are perfect for Micro-Housing!
Be creative:

No more bullets. No more bombs.
Fun & Games

The images below introduce you to the Seattle Campus Fairgrounds:


Here is an idea for a "possible" Georgetown Campus: 
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Georgetown Health & Industry: A New School Proposal

As cities become circular, they become unique, bio-regions of industry & trade. From this creativity responds with spontaneous advantage as access points become more accessible and localized:

Think of this new school proposal as the equivalent to the monster in SimCity,
Possible Mission for your city: Find your /G\ spot

Ideas to build on:
Regenerative Design \ Becoming the Cure
Healing Earth by Design

Economics 101: We have it in our power to Redesign Everything!
Circular Economy
The First Rule of Circularity; Do More With Less!

Looking Forward
How can we begin this game?

 I keep thinking of how some of the headlines might read:

US, Canada and Mexico set to submit joint bid for West Coast Connection-Circular Cities 2030

  • "We believe this Worlds Fair Event "Circular Cities 2030" will not only connect our cities with high-speed transit, it will generate a new economic paradigm that once fully realized will work to unify our living world"
  • Elon Musk pledges groundbreaking partnership, connecting BC-Sea-Tac-PDX-SF-LA-SD-TJ with High-Speed Connection
  • In a joint bid, US, Canada and Mexico set to host the West Coast Connection, laying the foundation for the Global Worlds Fair Event "Circular Cities 2030". 

Three Seattle Billionaires on the Re-Branding of Global Capitalism

Finding a Narrative:
Joseph Moyer - Friend of Man

Operation BeeHive - San Fransisco circa 2037
Looking Backwards

I had to ask “How did we do it? How did we save ourselves from ourselves?”

...and she just smiled calmly, looking over the San Fransisco skyline: “Honestly, every community around the world is one natural disaster away from having to be rebuilt. This is as true today as it was yesterday. We had to formulate a new plan concerning the nature of urban development and our future ambitions. But first, we had to figure out a way towards putting an end to all the bloody wars and revolutions raging throughout the world.  We had learned the hard way that we were only as strong as our weakest link. We knew that if we were to succeed as a species then the future must be inclusive for all. No one could be left behind. And that’s where the Circular Cities 2030 proposal of a global world’s fair event came into view and in the end evolved into the perfect storm and solution...” She grabbed onto my hand, smiling “Your suspicions  were correct,  no one could resist Fun & Games - and, this was the paradigm shift we had been waiting for. Finally, we had a plan to put forward that once enacted would work to unify our global community. And, it spread like wildfire. By 2020 every major city around the world took the Circular Cities challenge and as a newly identified global community we were now on a unified mission to redesign everything:

“Almost immediately MOD Fashion won the day.” she said with a sparkle in her eye “What Made on Demand did was it set into motion the first major chain reaction: designers everywhere went mad with delight as they began uploading their designs for just about anything imaginable, only to have them delivered to their door for their instant enjoyment and involvement. Made on Demand localized everything. And in this localization movement, we put an end to the prohibition of Hemp as an Industrial Feedstock and Alcohol as pure fuel worldwide and in an instant everything changed. Hemp once again became the fiber of choice and tinkerers everywhere began to rediscover Chemurgy; redesigning everything. These new access points alone set off a creative chain reaction that represented everything good in human ingenuity and it wasn't long before our dependance on fossil fuels ended. This disruption alone reduced the number of cargo ships needed to support a global economy and it wasn’t long thereafter that all the major shipping companies went bankrupt. And as a result, in a rush of continuity, the whales song once again filled our oceans and all the mammals and fishes rejoiced - they were  now free from the tyranny imposed upon their environment to support the extremes of human want and greed. In turn, we learned quite quickly that as cities became more circular, they became more unique,  evolving  into bioregions of industry & trade, setting into motion one cultural explosion after another. In a heartbeat, an entire generation gave themselves to building the bridges to the new world. We were going to create a  world where we were all free and in the end, POP Culture won the day and we weren’t going to stop there. The more we  automated everyday systems the more we realized that we could put parks everywhere and as a result  we transformed the historic trade routes into modern day tourist traps for everyone’s pleasure. Another chain reaction.

Debt relief came next. It evolved as a by-product of the space age. In our quest for more gold we were successful in creating a new source for gold, the first ever biofactory where bacteria began converting waste into gold on an industrial level. Soon there was nothing left to base the gold standard on.  Of course, we used this to our own advantage, disrupting the global banking institutions of the day. We were not going to fall into the same trap. We were going to put an end to it and soon we learned that we could take capitalism even further if we organized commerce  more like a non-profit, where we could, on a community level, invest in mission statements whose goal was to support the greater good. It was because of this, that capital as access became obsolete almost overnight. We had evolved into Global Citizens unified with a common goal.  This was our Game changer.

“And then, of course” she said with a seriousness to her voice “we had to create GOD -  what Guidance on Demand did was it set the human mind free. Instinctively, throughout our history, humanity had always been searching for that higher power to help us make sense of the world we are a part of, and culturally we have come up with some pretty provocative tales and myths throughout the ages.” she paused,  “We had to create the system designed to govern all systems and once we had succeeded in doing just that, we went from Alpha to Algorithm, from zero to one, almost overnight.  We have successfully built the universal computer, our master of ceremonies, the big MC and as master craftsmen we now tend diligently to our thinking machine:

 I wish I had more time to work on this idea!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Getting From Here to There


The Great Escape:

A crew of twelve, kept alive in Stasis, occupy the craft. Stasis, a state in which the body is kept alive during migration, is achieved through the injection of intelligent machines, quite similar to the craft, only microscopic in scale. Once injected, these machines self-replicate keeping the host environment functioning, while the mind is suspended in a sort of prolonged dream state ... then, after a time in transit, a hospitable planet will be found on which the craft will land and the crew will awaken. 

One side effect for the crew is that the machines injected to promote Stasis are really good at what they do, which allows the crew the luxury of an extra-long-life:

I often wonder whether or not these machines will be passed on to our descendants. I go back and forth between yes and no. Either way, the philosophical implications are profound. 

Anyway, our beginnings on these new worlds always follow the same course of imaginings: we find shelter, clear the land for farming, and ritualistically, almost every night, we gather via fireside to discuss the news of the day. I never really imagine it happening any other way. The thought of space-time-travel always seems to suggest that the idea of carting around the nuts and bolts that will construct the new world in the same fashion as the old seems somewhat far-fetched and highly improbable.  Sure, multiple craft could make the journey together, but, that will be it. We will have memory of the old world and of its built environment, but to recreate it will take us generations, and so from meager beginnings we begin our work:

Question: If you were to take this journey, and were allowed only one carry-on,
what would you bring?