Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hydro Power and The Death of our Forests:

It’s interesting  - We had just finished smoking a joint at a viewpoint looking out over some forested land and all I could see was nitrogen deficiency:

Let me explain - I have worked in the indoor cultivation of Cannabis for many years and Hydroponics is one of my niche specialties - the Basement/Controlled Environments is where we went to get what we wanted and over the years we have become really good at growing plants in controlled environments:
  • Granted, anytime you push the boundaries in a "controlled environment" you need a bit of finesse - there is a lot of balancing that goes into the NPK's of a healthy garden and what I saw here deep in the forest was a a lack of nitrogen and so I began to investigate.
What I have learned is simple - dams (hydropower) stop the salmon from swimming deep into our forests to spawn and die - which in their death deliver the nitrogen boost our forests depend on. Our forests are dying because there is a perfect storm going on right now - our pursuit for energy. 

And, as a result our forests are sick - nitrogen deficient and dying - and if you think the fires were bad in the northern hemisphere last year, they are only going to get worse. 

We need micro-grid solutions.