Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hydro Power and The Death of our Forests:

It’s weird - We had just smoked a joint at a viewpoint looking out over some forested land and all I could see was nitrogen deficiency.
Let me explain - I have worked in the indoor cultivation of Cannabis for many years and Hydroponics is my specialty - the Basement/Controlled Environments was where we went to get what we wanted, and over the years we became really good at growing plants in controlled environments:
  • Granted, anytime you push the boundaries in a "controlled environment" you need a bit of finesse - there is a lot of balancing of the NPK's that goes into a healthy garden and what I saw here deep in the forests was a a lack of nitrogen and so I began to investigate.
What I've learned is simple - dams stop the salmon which swim deep into the forests to die, which in their death deliver the nitrogen boost our forests depend on. Our forests are dying because they are Salmon deficient.
If you think the fires were bad last year, they are only going to get worse.

We need Micro-Grid Energy Solutions.

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